Your wellness starts here.

Panhandle Therapy Center is dedicated to meeting the growing needs for integrated behavioral healthcare in our community.  We seek to provide a continuum of care to address each stage of need and follow up that is necessary to maintain superior patient outcomes within a compassionate environment.  Panhandle Therapy Center was established as an outpatient provider of behavioral, emotional/mental health and substance abuse counseling services.

 Our agency seeks to assist individuals, their families, and the community in which they live utilizing a holistic approach with years of clinical experience.  We serve all age groups from children to senior adults from varying backgrounds and walks of life.


Your Wellness is Our Mission

Panhandle Therapy Center’s mission is to provide individual wellness, stability and security through excellence in support, education and commitment.

A Safer Florida is Our Vision

Our vision is to provide culturally competent, holistic and wellness-focused services that promote long term positive change by reaching those in need of services, teaching skills to support positive change in behaviors and equipping them with tools for long-term success.

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